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Miss Jenny's Soap

Patchouli Spice Soap

Patchouli Spice Soap

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Spice up your routine with this twist on a classic.

 We’ve added cinnamon and clove to one of our favorite soaps to give it a spicy, warm edge. We enhance the moisturizing properties by adding red sandalwood, which provides the bar with a lovely purple color and adds healing properties to this soothing soap.


  • Spicy and warm with extra moisturizing properties
  • All-natural soap base that is always gentle and moisturizing
  • No artificial ingredients, scents, or dyes
About Miss Jenny’s Soap

Miss Jenny is dedicated to creating the best all-natural soap possible. Our soap is kind to your skin, the environment, and your budget. It is deeply cleansing, gentle, and moisturizing, eliminating the need for lotion and other moisturizers.

It is made with ingredients from natural sources, with names you can pronounce, giving you peace of mind knowing you aren’t introducing any harmful or toxic substances into your home or body. There is nothing artificial about our ingredients, colors, or fragrances. Now you can stop washing and worrying and instead wash and be clean.

Our Soap Base

When we set out to create the perfect soap, we wanted an extra bubbly, long-lasting, deep-cleaning, and richly moisturizing soap. We found that using freshly rendered tallow, olive oil, and coconut oil. Tallow is the key to creating a bar that lasts longer than other soaps. Olive oil gave us the luxurious moisture we were after. Finally, coconut oil creates the perfect amount of large bubbles.

Our Scents and Colors

Once we had mastered the soap base, we wanted to add good smells and colors. With our commitment to natural products, we once again turned to nature. Our scents are 100% all-natural essential oils made directly from plant matter. Our colors come from nature as well, and we use only the finest herbs, plants, and bark to give our soaps character and color.

Ingredients for Patchouli Spice soap: saponified tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Clove essential oil, and Sandalwood powder.

Bar size: 3.25" x 2.5" x 1"
Bar weight: 4.5 oz.
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